Thursday, January 28, 2010

ljm thumbs up!!

result LJM lulus.
saya sayang Allah!
Allah memang hebat!
terima kasih kerana berita gembira nih.
thanks ya allah.
tahniah SN Murni Izar. hihi


mAr@ZiEy said...

congrats Murni..leh la blnje mkn lps ni...hehehe

hoyeh3 said...

thanks kak tiey! belanja makan itu bisa aja!! oyehh!!

MaRyAm DzuLkifLi said...

conratz muni^^ moga jd SN Murni Izar yg bjaye kt hospital^^ da plan nk keje ktne?;))

hoyeh3 said...

hehe thanks maryam! kite keje kat pusrawi ;p

Afra' Azam said...

Mabruk puan!

err..time kte masuk PPUM dlu..
dgr budak2 prctical dok panggil--"weh2, Sister da dtg weh..nyorok!!--bilik saya jadi port utk menyorok..--Sis dia garang gile dow..aku pun takot..

So, SN tu kire sister la kan.. N tu ape plak?--Sister Nurse?

zyr zh said...


muni said...

puan afra': ahaha. kit ebukan sister la. kite SN- Staff nurse. sister tuh atas staff nurse n obviously garang. wakak ;p

yot: tengkiuuu mengkiuuuu!

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